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  • Yoga

    Yoga comes from the ancient Sanskrit language and means to “yoke” or “join” one’s mind, body, and spirit.  Yoga originated in India roughly 5,000 years ago as a way of preparing the mind and body to sit in meditation.  Anasa Yoga offers Hatha Yoga, and other wellness and...

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  • Health

    The health benefits of yoga are well researched and documented. Yoga can help to: develop and maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints and reduce incidences of obesity; increase flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance for all ages; and may prevent or delay the development of high blood pressure, cardiovascular...

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  • Community

    Anasa Yoga strongly believes that if a community is healthy, so are the individuals in that community. Anasa Yoga is a community of people that range from new to experienced yoga practitioners, yoga teachers, the local community and national community partners that care about health and well-being, and...

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